The Chewnoodle was created to meet our son, Alex’s specific need for an oral motor tool that was satisfying and functional. He was born with a special condition called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome which often has similar traits to Autism. One of the traits often seen is a constant need to chew on things from furniture to paper. 

Alex’s excessive chew habits often wore out most of the products we found on the market or he would lose them or not have any interest in the other chew tools. So, we decided to create our own tool specified to Alex’s needs.

We initially used tubing materials that were readily available in the local hardware stores since it was inexpensive and convenient. After doing a little research, we discovered the materials can be toxic once it has been chewed. So we began a journey to find a safe, effective and functional material that would meet our son’s chewing habits. 

After researching and designing a chew tool, we found the Chewnoodle has lasted through many chewing sessions while giving us peace of mind that our son is using a safe product. 

We hope you will enjoy this product as much as our son does!

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